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Recent Payouts

Road Traffic Accident Claims
A taxi driver - £60,000
Mr. A - £35,000
Ms. P - £30,000
Mr. M - £50,430
Mr. P - £19,152
Mr. F - £17,500
Mr. K - £40,404.40
Mr. X - £65,000
Industrial Deafness Claims
Mr. P - £13,000
Mr. P - £4,800
Mr. W - £4,500
Mr. H - £3,800
Mr. JW - £4,000
Mr. F - £5,000
Mr.W - £2,473.80
Mr. C - £7,500
Mr. K - £4,959.57
Accidents At Work Claims
Mr. M - £17,078.22
Ms. K - £57,500
Mr. S - £48,000
Mr. E - £20,000
Mr. R - £13,500
Mr. M - £3,000
Medical Negligence Claims
Ms. M - £15,000
Mr. M - £5,000
Mrs. W - £22,500
Mrs. B - £90,000
Mrs. A - £15,000
Serious Injury Claims
Mr. S - £35,000
Mr. Y - £1.4 Million
Mr. M - £264,676.58
Ms J - £100,000
Ms. B - £10,500
Miss F (minor) - £30,000
Mr. H - £75,000
Mr E - £60,000
Mr. A - £30,000
Mr. M - £35,000
Payment Protection Insurance Claims
Ms. E - £8,199.88
Mr. W - £7,920.09
Mrs. L - £7,126.16
Mrs. M - £7,819.29
Mr. L - £6,618.57
Mr. C - £5,009.37
Mr. B - £2,902.31
Mrs. N - £10,329.19
Mr. W - £7,268.27
Mr. G - £22,073.82
Mr. K- £8,458.03
Mr. F - £22,526.80

Hearing Loss Claims

It is estimated that there are currently 10 million people in the UK who suffer with hearing difficulties and other hearing related conditions. Excessive work-place noise exposure is one of the most prominent causes of hearing loss in the UK.

For decades, many industries have neglected their core workers by continuously exposing their workforce to excessive and dangerous levels of noise.

Excessive noise exposure over a prolonged period of time can cause the following symptoms and difficulties:

  • Hearing loss
  • Hearing difficulties when there is back-ground noise
  • Difficulty conversing
  • Problems when using the telephone
  • Difficulty hearing the door-bell
  • Ringing, whistling or buzzing in the ears (a medical condition known as Tinnitus)

The problems highlighted above may not become apparent to the sufferer until many years after leaving their noisy employment. The effects of the noise exposure gradually creep up on a person. It is often only when age related hearing loss coupled with the additional noise induced loss becomes apparent that a person may notice a significant problem with their hearing.

Even if you left your noisy employment many years ago it is still possible to succeed with a claim for compensation for noise induced hearing loss.

In addition to hearing loss caused by prolonged noise exposure over many years, the hearing can also be damaged by exposure to one-off explosions. This is known as Acoustic Shock. Therefore, if you have been exposed to a loud blast from an explosion and developed a hearing loss or tinnitus then you may still be entitled to claim compensation.

Some of the common industries where there is excessive noise exposure:

  • Steel Works and Iron Foundries
  • Coal Mining Industry (both under ground and on the surface)
  • Sheet Metal Works and Coach Building
  • Construction Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Power Stations
  • Agriculture

The above list is an example of industries where noise is a common factor. However excessive noise can be found in many other work places.

If you have been exposed to excessive noise in your work place and you consider you have a hearing problem, then you could be entitled to claim significant compensation from your former employers.

You may be entitled to receive compensation for the hearing loss and tinnitus you have developed but also compensation to assist with the purchase of hearing aids and other equipment designed to assist noise deafened people. Hearing aids in the private sector are extremely expensive, but do provide the most beneficial form of assistance to noise deafened individuals.

At MRH Solicitors, our specialist industrial disease department is best placed to advise you on your claim for noise induced hearing loss and to ensure that you are properly compensated.

During the last 12 months, the team at MRH Solicitors has successfully recovered in excess of half a million pounds for their clients who have been noise deafened.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I bring a claim against an employer who is no longer trading?

Yes, a claim can be pursued if the insurers of the company can be identified. MRH Solicitors have access to various resources to assist in identifying insurers of defunct companies.

  • I was last exposed to noise many years ago can I still succeed in bringing a claim?

MRH Solicitors routinely succeed with claims for clients who have not worked in noisy work environments for in excess of 25 years. Therefore this is not a bar to making a claim.

  • I was given hearing protection by my employers but not from the start of my employment. Does that affect my ability to make a claim for noise induced hearing loss?

Even if hearing protection was provided to you at some point during your employment, this does not mean you cannot still succeed with a claim.

  • I have hearing loss but I do not know if my employment was noisy?

At MRH Solicitors, we have an extensive bank of information relating to the likely noise levels that are experienced in most types of industries. One of our team will be able to advise you on whether your employment was likely to involve excessive noise or not.

If you feel that you have been exposed to excessive noise whilst at work and you have a hearing difficulty, then please contact the MRH Solicitors industrial disease team on 01204 535 333 or fill out our online form to submit your query online for our team to call you within 24 hours.

Recent Successes:

Mrs. B – Hearing Loss Claim – Metal Fabrication Industry

The MRH Solicitors specialist industrial disease team was instructed  by Mrs B in relation to a claim for compensation for noise induced hearing loss suffered as a result of working in the Metal Fabrication Industry in her 20’s and 30’s. Her job had involved the continuous operation of power press machines used to stamp out metal components. MRH Solicitors were successful in not only establishing that the noise levels that Mrs. B was exposed to at her then employers was excessive, but also in proving based on expert medical evidence that Mrs. B as a consequence of the exposure to exessive noise levels had developed a significant level of hearing loss and debilitating tinnitus affecting Mrs. B’s quality of life on a daily basis.

The specialist industrial disease team at MRH Solicitors recovered £24,000 in compensation for Mrs. B which included £8,000 for the cost of hearing aids to improve her quality of life.


“I was kept informed from day 1 with regards to my hearing loss claim. I was extremely satisfied with the service and quality of the legal service that I received from my solicitor. In my case everything was perfect and I would like to say thank you for everything you did for me.”

Mr. C. Taylor – July 2012


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"I am writing to confirm receipt of your cheque for my claim for Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Many thanks for your representation and help."

Mr Atkins