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Recent Payouts

Road Traffic Accident Claims
A taxi driver - £60,000
Mr. A - £35,000
Ms. P - £30,000
Mr. M - £50,430
Mr. P - £19,152
Mr. F - £17,500
Mr. K - £40,404.40
Mr. X - £65,000
Industrial Deafness Claims
Mr. P - £13,000
Mr. P - £4,800
Mr. W - £4,500
Mr. H - £3,800
Mr. JW - £4,000
Mr. F - £5,000
Mr.W - £2,473.80
Mr. C - £7,500
Mr. K - £4,959.57
Accidents At Work Claims
Mr. M - £17,078.22
Ms. K - £57,500
Mr. S - £48,000
Mr. E - £20,000
Mr. R - £13,500
Mr. M - £3,000
Medical Negligence Claims
Ms. M - £15,000
Mr. M - £5,000
Mrs. W - £22,500
Mrs. B - £90,000
Mrs. A - £15,000
Serious Injury Claims
Mr. S - £35,000
Mr. Y - £1.4 Million
Mr. M - £264,676.58
Ms J - £100,000
Ms. B - £10,500
Miss F (minor) - £30,000
Mr. H - £75,000
Mr E - £60,000
Mr. A - £30,000
Mr. M - £35,000
Payment Protection Insurance Claims
Ms. E - £8,199.88
Mr. W - £7,920.09
Mrs. L - £7,126.16
Mrs. M - £7,819.29
Mr. L - £6,618.57
Mr. C - £5,009.37
Mr. B - £2,902.31
Mrs. N - £10,329.19
Mr. W - £7,268.27
Mr. G - £22,073.82
Mr. K- £8,458.03
Mr. F - £22,526.80

Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are the most common cause of personal injury, with injuries ranging from whiplash, broken bones, amputation, post traumatic stress, catastrophic brain and spinal injuries.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident you may be entitled to compensation if the accident was not your fault.

You may be entitled to compensation following a road traffic accident whether you were a:

We understand that each person’s injury and recovery is different.  At MRH Solicitors, our experienced team of specialists take time to understand your situation, clearly explain implications, actions and decisions, and are sympathetic and supportive of what you want to achieve.

In addition to claiming compensation on your behalf, our dedicated team can also arrange for you:


  • Hire of alternative vehicle
  • An independent engineer to inspect the damaged vehicle
  • Examination by a specialist medical expert
  • Rehabilitation treatment where required



At MRH Solicitors we will look after your interests and ensure you get as much compensation as possible.  If you have been seriously injured in a road traffic accident and cannot work due to your injuries, we will do everything we can to ensure you get support and advice on issues such as employment, benefits and welfare as well as rehabilitation treatment.

Although making a claim for compensation cannot take away your pain and suffering, you can be at ease knowing your losses and expenses have been compensated for as well the stress and suffering you have had to endure.

To begin your road traffic accident claim, simply fill out the quick and easy online form or call us on 01204 535 333.

Car Driver

If you were the driver of a vehicle involved in a road traffic accident which was not your fault, we can help you claim the compensation you are entitled to.

We can assist whether or not the driver of the other vehicle was insured or not, and in situations where the driver of the other vehicle is unidentified.

Our team of specialists will work with you to recover the maximum amount of compensation.


Whether you are a passenger in a privately owned vehicle such as a van, car or motorcycle, a passenger on public transport, in a taxi and if you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation.

Road traffic accidents are very common and can cause injuries to passengers in exactly the same way as drivers are injured.  The only difference is that it would be very unlikely that a passenger would ever be found to be anything other than an innocent party.

If you have been injured in a road accident as a passenger you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation. For more information about how MRH Solicitors can help you on a cost-free basis, complete our online enquiry form or contact us on 01204 535 333.


Accidents involving motorcyclist can result in serious personal injuries and losses including the loss and damage to the motorcycle.

Our expert specialists can assist in recovering compensation on your behalf as well as recovering the cost of any damage to your motorcycle.

If you have been injured in a road accident as a motorcyclist, you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation. For more information please contact us on 01204 535 333 or complete our online enquiry form.


Road traffic injuries involving cyclists are becoming more and more prevalent with more people riding bicycles, including to and from work.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured in a road traffic accident, our team of specialists will provide expert advice and assistance in recovering compensation on your behalf. For more information please contact us on 01204 535 333 or fill out our online form to submit your query online.

Recent Successes:

Mr S. – Brain Injury

MRH Solicitors were instructed on behalf of NS who was involved in an RTA in December 2007. Initially this appears to be a straight forward road traffic accident involving injuries to the neck and lower back. However, as proceedings evolved it became clear the Claimant has potentially suffered a subtle traumatic brain injury resulting in the development of Post Concussion Syndrome. Liability was never in issue. However, in terms of injury, the case was aggressively Defended. MRH instructed the appropriate medical experts in the fields of Orthopaedics, Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology and was able to advance a positive case that the Claimant has indeed suffered a temporary traumatic brain injury but had gone one to develop psychological injury. The Defendants medical team did not accept the Claimant had suffered a brain injury and therefore the claim on the Defendants evidence had a very limited value. MRH Solicitors pursued the claim vigorously and despite the difference in medical opinion between both sides, MRH we able to secure a substantial settlement in excess of £75,000 for the client. This case is an example of how a case which may seem very straight forward at the time of the accident can evolve into an extremely complex case requiring a great deal of expert opinion in various medical fields to bring about a just settlement.


Mr W. – Spinal Injury

MRH were instructed by LW who suffered a serious spinal injury following from an RTA in September 2008. The client suffered a serious burst fracture to his spine which required numerous operations to stabilise the fracture. The client was left with a weak spine which restricted him in terms of the type of work he could perform. During the proceedings it was important to assess how the client would recover from the surgery to his spine and then to assess the long term restrictions that would be placed upon the client with regards to what he could and could not do. Fortunately the client made a reasonable recovery although he would be unable to perform heavy manual work going forward. There was some disagreement between the medical experts instructed on behalf of both parties but these issues were capable of being resolved amicably. After obtaining all the necessary evidence and presenting the case to the Defendant Solicitors, MRH Solicitors were able to secure an out of court settlement based on a full liability valuation of £137,500.00.

Mr. P – Personal Injury, Vehicle Damage, Credit Hire and Storage Charges Claim

MRH Solicitors recently attended Central London County court on behalf of Mr. P where liability was disputed. The accident had caused damage and injuries and the claimant had hired a car until he was paid for the damaged to his own car by the insurers. At the door of court, before the case started, the Defendants insurers agreed to pay Mr.P £45,000.00 in settlement of the matter.

Mr. M – Vehicle Damage, Credit Hire and Storage Charges Claim

The MRH Solicitors road traffic accident litigation team had another great result when they acted for a Mr. M from Leigh and helped him to recover over £50,000 in compensation for his vehicle hire and storage charges, his vehicle damage and his personal injury claim.

Mrs. H – Mini-Bus Accident – Splenectomy

MRH Solicitors were instructed by Mrs. H following a serious road traffic accident in which she was travelling in a taxi mini-bus with family and friends returning from watching a game of rugby in Sheffield, when a fellow passenger who was drunk fell into the driver causing him to swerve coming off the road and going over a bridge into a ditch with the mini-bus rolling over several times before coming to rest on it’s roof.

Mrs. H suffered serious injuries including minor fractures, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as she thought at the time she would die and an abdominal injury which required her damaged spleen to be removed by way of an emergency splenectomy operation.

As a consequence of the splenectomy making Mrs. H more vulnerable to developing infections and a serious ligament damage injury to her left knee, Mrs. H was forced to give up her long-standing production line job that she had greatly enjoyed and which was physically demanding.

Liability, that is fault for the accident, was vehemently denied by the mini-bus driver’s solicitors on the basis that the accident occurred due to the negligence of the passenger and not the mini-bus driver.

MRH Solicitors were resolute in their belief that the innocent Claimant, Mrs. H was entitled to claim compensation for her serious injuries against the motor policy for the mini-bus, albeit the fault for the accident was that of the fellow passenger who fell into the driver of the mini-bus and that the insurers for the mini-bus could not absolve themselves of paying compensation to Mrs. H on the basis that their driver did not cause the actual accident.

Court proceedings were commenced by MRH Solicitors and the solicitors acting for the Defendants, namely the mini-bus driver and the passenger who fell into the driver, were forced to concede that the mini-bus motor policy did cover a claim for negligence by a fellow passenger causing an accident and that they were therefore obliged under the  motor policy for the mini-bus to pay compensation to Mrs. H for her injuries and the financial losses incurred by her due to the accident.

MRH Solicitors obtained expert medical evidence from a leading Consultant General Surgeon on the long term consequences of the splenectomy, in particular, the need for Mrs. H to be on anti-biotics for the rest of her life and from a Consultant Plastic Surgeon on the prospects of improving the significant scarring to Mrs. H following the splenectomy operation, which prevented her from going swimming, for example, when on holiday due to the cosmetic embarassment she suffered due to the extensive scarring.

Evidence was also obtained from a Consultant Clinical Psychologist to assess the extent of Mrs. H’s psychological injury following this serious road traffic accident which had left Mrs. H with long-term consequences including avoiding travel at night, experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, travel anxiety generally, altered personality and depression.

MRH Solicitors arranged for Mrs. H to have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) on a private basis paid by the Defendant’s insurers and Mrs. H commented at the end of her case that “more than the compensation this is what meant most to her” because with the psychological treatment her quality of life had improved significantly.

The expert road traffic accident solicitors at MRH Solicitors recovered in excess of £60,000 for Mrs. H via the courts for compensation for Mrs. H’s injuries and the associated financial losses to include her future treatment costs.

Miss. G – Facial and Dental Injury Claim

MRH Solicitors were instructed by Miss. G some 2 years after her road traffic accident and close to the 3 year limitation period for commencing court proceedings in order to pursue a claim for personal injury.

Miss. G was a passenger in a car that was being driven by the negligent Defendant driver who had lost control of the car, causing it to over-turn onto it’s roof, thereby resulting in Miss. G sustaining injuries including facial bruising and abrasions, loss of a tooth, whiplash neck and lower back injuries, headaches for a period post accident and a psychological injury comprising of travel anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares and some loss of self-esteem due to her facial and dental injuries.

Liability for the accident was not disputed by the Defendant driver’s insurers, although they alleged that Miss. G was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident and that she got into the car with the Defendant knowing that he was under the influence of alcohol. Therefore, the Defendant was arguing that a 25% discount should be applied to Miss. G’s compensation for “contributory negligence”.

The Claimant, Miss. G refuted these allegations strongly and MRH Solicitors obtained evidence to support the Claimant’s contention that she was seat-belted at the material time and persuaded the Defendant to concede the allegation of knowingly getting into the car with a drunk driver.

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Consultant Dental Surgeon and from a Clinical Psychologist to support Miss. G’s injury claim and the cost of future dental and psychological treatment.

The specialist road traffic accident solicitors at MRH Solicitors settled Miss. G’s personal injury claim for £12,000.

Mr. A – Pedestrian Accident Claim

The specialist road traffic accident team at MRH Solicitors acted for Mr. A following an accident in which he was a pedestrian crossing a road when he was knocked down by a car being driven by the negligent Defendant driver, thereby sustaining a dislocated left shoulder, a closed head injury and various other soft-tissue injuries.

MRH Solicitors were instructed by Mr. A who had transferred his file from another firm of solicitors with whom he was not satisfied. However, there was only 1 month left prior to the expiry of the 3 year limitation period by which court proceedings needed to be issued failing which his claim would be statute barred and out of time.

The specialist road traffic accident team at MRH Solicitors arranged for court proceedings to be issued to protect Mr. A’s position on the limitation period and thereafter undertook investigations on liability and quantum to value the personal injury claim.

MRH Solicitors were successful at court in proving that liability rested with the Defendant driver and recovered £18,000 in compensation for Mr. A for his injury claim, his loss of earnings, the disadvantage on the open labour market due to his injuries, for the care and assistance he received from his family and for the future costs of treatment.


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