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Recent Payouts

Road Traffic Accident Claims
A taxi driver - £60,000
Mr. A - £35,000
Ms. P - £30,000
Mr. M - £50,430
Mr. P - £19,152
Mr. F - £17,500
Mr. K - £40,404.40
Mr. X - £65,000
Industrial Deafness Claims
Mr. P - £13,000
Mr. P - £4,800
Mr. W - £4,500
Mr. H - £3,800
Mr. JW - £4,000
Mr. F - £5,000
Mr.W - £2,473.80
Mr. C - £7,500
Mr. K - £4,959.57
Accidents At Work Claims
Mr. M - £17,078.22
Ms. K - £57,500
Mr. S - £48,000
Mr. E - £20,000
Mr. R - £13,500
Mr. M - £3,000
Medical Negligence Claims
Ms. M - £15,000
Mr. M - £5,000
Mrs. W - £22,500
Mrs. B - £90,000
Mrs. A - £15,000
Serious Injury Claims
Mr. S - £35,000
Mr. Y - £1.4 Million
Mr. M - £264,676.58
Ms J - £100,000
Ms. B - £10,500
Miss F (minor) - £30,000
Mr. H - £75,000
Mr E - £60,000
Mr. A - £30,000
Mr. M - £35,000
Payment Protection Insurance Claims
Ms. E - £8,199.88
Mr. W - £7,920.09
Mrs. L - £7,126.16
Mrs. M - £7,819.29
Mr. L - £6,618.57
Mr. C - £5,009.37
Mr. B - £2,902.31
Mrs. N - £10,329.19
Mr. W - £7,268.27
Mr. G - £22,073.82
Mr. K- £8,458.03
Mr. F - £22,526.80

Serious Injury Claims

MRH Solicitors are a specialist firm of solicitors who represent clients across England and Wales in relation to serious injury claims arising from, for example, Road Traffic Accidents and Accidents At Work involving injuries such as multiple fractures, brain injury, amputations, spinal injury, fatal injuries and injuries arising from motorcycle accidents.

MRH Solicitors recognise that it is imperative for seriously injured clients, whether they have sustained a straightforward fracture or a more catastrophic spinal or head injury or amputation, to have specialist and highly competent solicitors handling their claims from the very beginning.

serious injury claims

We have therefore established at MRH Solicitors a Serious Injury Team who specialise in dealing only with the more complex injuries and seriously injured clients to ensure that they receive the highest levels of client care and to maximise the amount of damages, that is, compensation they are able to recover for their injuries and the associated financial losses.

The team comprises of Solicitors who have many years of experience in dealing with clients who have sustained serious injuries and are ready to offer that experience every step of the claim to help the client regain the best possible quality of life.

From the outset our Serious Injury Team are happy to meet with clients face to face whenever possible to ensure a full and complete understanding of the client’s injuries, to assess their immediate needs and their long term goals.

Claims involving seriously injured clients invariably take longer to settle than more straightforward ‘whiplash’ type injuries. Therefore meeting the seriously injured client face to face helps to ensure the client has complete confidence in their solicitor and for that initial relationship to be developed as the claim progresses.

Whilst compensation is the long term and final solution for any injured client, the more seriously injured client will often have more immediate concerns such as:

  • Rehabilitation and Future Treatment
  • Financial Assistance to fund day to day living expenses
  • Suitable Accommodation
  • Equipment and Adaptations to the home or vehicle
  • Nursing Care

MRH Solicitors are able to help and support the seriously injured client at the outset to tackle their immediate needs so that they can start to rebuild their lives following what is often a life changing event.

serious injury compensation

Our specialist serious injury solicitors care about the clients they represent and are dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcome for their clients both in terms of the damages (“compensation”) recovered for them for their injuries and their financial losses to fund both their present and future needs such as private treatement to include physiotherapy and operations, adaptations to their home, the cost of prosthesis, residential and nursing care costs and loss of earnings, but also to ensure that they have the best possible quality of life following their injuries.

Our Serious Injury Team treat each case individually and ensure that each client’s claim is progressed as quickly and efficiently as possible, without overlooking any aspects of the claim, which less experienced solicitors may do. MRH Solicitors will also ensure that at all times the client is advised in clear and plain language about the legal issues relating to their claim to ensure that the client fully understands the claims process.

We will also instruct specialist experts to work alongside us, to ensure the Claimant’s claim is put forward on the best possible footing, for example:

  • Barristers
  • Medical Experts
  • Rehabilitation Providers
  • Accommodation Experts
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Occupational Therapists

If you or someone your care about has sustained a serious injury, for example, as a result of a Road Traffic Accident or an Accident At Work, please contact MRH Solicitors Serious Injury Team to discuss the matter further on a ‘Free Initial Consultation and No Obligation’ basis on 01204 535 333 or fill out our online form to submit your query online for our team to call you within 24 hours.

Recent Successes:


SJ – Chronic Pain Syndrome

The Claimant was involved in a road traffic accident in 2008 when the Defendant drove into collision with the rear of the vehicle she was driving. Liability was not in issue and the claim started as a straight forward claim for compensation for soft tissue injuries to the neck, back and right shoulder.

However, the Claimant developed symptoms of pain radiating down her right arm and into the 4th and 5th fingers of her right hand, causing those fingers to become claw like. In addition the Claimant experienced nausea like symptoms when anyone tried to touch the hand and heightened sensation of pain

Medical evidence was obtained from a GP initially and then an orthopaedic consultant and also a hand surgeon. The Claimant underwent nerve decompression operations in the right elbow and at the right wrist, but these operations did not resolve the clawing in 4th and 5th fingers of the right hand. The Claimant also underwent nerve conduction studies, MRI scans, CT scans etc in order to diagnosis the condition. The Orthopaedic and Hand surgeon’s could not provide a diagnosis as to the cause of the clawing, nausea and heightened sensation of pain the Claimant experienced.

Medical evidence was obtained from a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine who diagnosed the Claimant as suffering from a Chronic Pain Syndrome (CPS) and further evidence was obtained from a Consultant Psychologist and Occupational Therapist (on a joint basis). The Defendant did not accept the Claimant was suffering from CPS and the matter was defended aggressively.

The Claimant had commenced legal proceedings and during the court process, attended a joint settlement meeting with the Defendant where a settlement in excess of £100,000 was negotiated (gross £122k inclusive of CRU and interim payments – £100k in the hand net).

This case started out as a simple rear end shunt causing whiplash injuries but developed into a different and more complex claim entirely resulting in multiple experts, litigation and substantial damages.

NS – Road Traffic Accident

MRH Solicitors were instructed on behalf of NS who was involved in an RTA in December 2007. Initially this appears to be a straight forward road traffic accident involving injuries to the neck and lower back. However, as proceedings evolved it became clear the Claimant has potentially suffered a subtle traumatic brain injury resulting in the development of Post Concussion Syndrome. Liability was never in issue. However, in terms of injury, the case was aggressively Defended. MRH instructed the appropriate medical experts in the fields of Orthopaedics, Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology and was able to advance a positive case that the Claimant has indeed suffered a temporary traumatic brain injury but had gone one to develop psychological injury. The Defendants medical team did not accept the Claimant had suffered a brain injury and therefore the claim on the Defendants evidence had a very limited value. MRH Solicitors pursued the claim vigorously and despite the difference in medical opinion between both sides, MRH were able to secure a substantial settlement in excess of £75,000 for the client. This case is an example of how a case which may seem very straight forward at the time of the accident can evolve into an extremely complex case requiring a great deal of expert opinion in various medical fields to bring about a just settlement.


LW – Road Traffic Accident

MRH were instructed by LW who suffered a serious spinal injury following from an RTA in September 2008. The client suffered a serious burst fracture to his spine which required numerous operations to stabilise the fracture. The client was left with a weak spine which restricted him in terms of the type of work he could perform. During the proceedings it was important to assess how the client would recover from the surgery to his spine and then to assess the long term restrictions that would be placed upon the client with regards to what he could and could not do. Fortunately the client made a reasonable recovery although he would be unable to perform heavy manual work going forward. There was some disagreement between the medical experts instructed on behalf of both parties but these issues were capable of being resolved amicably. After obtaining all the necessary evidence and presenting the case to the Defendant Solicitors, MRH Solicitors were able to secure an out of court settlement based on a full liability valuation of £137,500.00.

Mr. M – Accident at work

The Serious Injury Team at MRH Solicitors acted for Mr M who was involved in a serious accident at work.

In 2006, Mr. M worked as a groundsman for a building company which involved digging holes for cables to be laid and fitting flag stones.  Whilst digging a hold Mr. M’s spade struck a live electrical cable which resulted in Mr. M suffered an electrocution and as a result suffered a number of injuries.

The Defendants alleged that Mr M had contributed to his injuries and therefore denied liability.   The Defendants lawyers also denied quantum, which is the amount of compensation that Mr M was entitled to for his injuries and financial losses following the incident in the course of legal proceedings.

The Defendants case was that Mr. M had deliberately struck the live cable with his spade.  They also did not believe Mr M was unable to work as a groundsman since the incident due to his injuries and tried to “catch Mr M out” with video surveilliance.

Mr M had suffered post traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident, he suffered from loss of sight for a few weeks and was left with chronic pain in his loin.

The Defendants believed Mr M was exaggerating his symptoms which was heavily disputed by the legal team at MRH Solicitors and Mr M’s medical team.

In 2013 the Defendants admitted full liability for the incident to Mr M.

Despite the robust defence and attempts to discredit Mr M by the defendants legal team, MRH Solicitors were successful in achieving settlement based on a global valuation of £75,000.00 without the case going to Trial.

This was a very complex case from which Mr M’s life had changed forever.  Prior to the incident in question he was a very outgoing and active person However, following the incident his personality changed significantly which resulted in a separation with Mr M’s partner, redundancy and therefore financial difficulties and total lack of confidence in his social life.

This case became more complex when no medical profession could find the cause of Mr M’s loin pain and it was MRH Solicitors who referred Mr M to a pain specialist who was finally able to diagnose Mr M’s condition and appropriate treatment was provided.

Financial award aside had MRH Solicitors legal team not been able to find suitable medical professional to diagnose Mr M he would have continued throughout his life with excruciating loin pain which on occasions rendered Mr M to be bed ridden for days.  As it is Mr M can now get on with normal life and continue to receive treatment to eleviate any pain.

Mr. S – Road Traffic Accident (Motorcyclist)

The Serious Injury Team at MRH Solicitors acted for a Mr. S who was a motor cyclist involved in a serious road traffic accident. Liability, that is fault for the accident was accepted by the Defendant’s insurers.

However, quantum that is the amount of compensation that Mr. S was entitled to for his injuries and associated financial losses following his subtle traumatic brain injury was vigorously disputed by the Defendant’s lawyers in the course of the legal proceedings in the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.

The Defendant’s case was that Mr. S could achieve a full recovery from his brain injury with treatment, an argument disputed by the legal team at MRH Solicitors and Mr. S’s medical team.

Despite the robust defence from the Defendant’s legal team, MRH Solicitors were successful in achieving a settlement based on a global valuation in excess of £550,000 without the case going to Trial before a High Court Judge. The settlement achieved for Mr. S amounted to an acceptance by the Defendant’s legal team of the stance advocated by MRH Solicitor’s legal and medical team.

This was a very complex case and it was only when you spent considerable time in the company of Mr. S that it became apparent that he had suffered a subtle yet significant brain injury. Prior to the accident, Mr. S was a very outgoing and active person.

However, following the subtle brain injury his personality had changed significantly as evidenced in the case by his family. The key to succeeding in subtle brain injury cases is to spend time with the client and assemble as early as possible in the case a team of specialist medical experts to advance the Claimant’s case.

Mr. M – Accident At Work On A Farm

Mr. M instructed the Serious Injury Team at MRH Solicitors following an accident at work on a farm when Mr. M was required by his employer to steer a forklift truck which at the time of the accident was being towed by a tractor being driven by the Defendant employer.

However, the forklift truck toppled over due to the negligence of the Defendant employer trapping Mr. M. under the forklift truck. Mr. M sustained severe injuries to his left arm and to his right leg both of which required extensive surgical procedures over a 3 year period after the accident.

Whilst primary liability, that is fault for the accident was admitted by the Defendant employer’s insurers, the issue of “contributory negligence”, namely that Mr. M. was partly responsible for the accident remained a contentious issue between the parties.

The initial offers made by the Defendant employer’s legal team regarding a split on liability between Mr. M, the Claimant and the Defendant employer were rejected and MRH Solicitors ultimately secured via the Courts judgment in favour of Mr. M with liability being apportioned between Mr. M. and the Defendant employer on a 80% – 20% basis in favour of Mr. M. taking into account the fact that Mr. M. was an experienced farm employee.

Expert medical evidence in support of Mr. M’s injury claim was obtained from a leading Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon and a Consultant Psychiatrist.

Specialist expert evidence was also obtained in support of Mr. M’s financial losses to include his loss of future income due to having to give up his pre-accident part-time fruit and vegetable business from a Forensic Accountant and from a Care Expert to value the considerable care and assistance that Mr. M received from his family following the accident.

Complex issues of liability, causation and quantum, that is the value of the claim, were evident from the outset of Mr. M’s claim and consideration of complex evidential matters was required to secure the best possible outcome for Mr. M.

The Serious Injury Team at MRH Solicitors were successful in recovering via the courts compensation for Mr. M of £264,676.58 net of the deduction made in respect of contributory negligence.


“MRH Solicitors provided a friendly, helpful, attentive and professional service when dealing with my serious accident at work claim and I can’t think of much more that they could have done to improve the service that I received from them.”

Mr. D. Martland - July 2012


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