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No Win No Fee Bike Accident Claims – Get Compensation

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No Win No Fee Bike Accident Claims – Get Compensation

Road traffic injuries involving cyclists are becoming more and more prevalent with more people riding bicycles, including to and from work.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured in a road traffic accident, our team of specialists will provide expert advice and assistance in recovering compensation on your behalf. For more information please contact us on 01204 535 333 or fill out our form to find out if you have a case

Hurt in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault? In the UK, cyclists face a much higher risk of severe injury or death on the roads than drivers. This means if you got hurt by a car, you might be able to claim compensation with no upfront cost.

At MRH Solicitors we specialise in non-fault accidents such as cycling accident claims. With over 20 years of experience, we have helped many cyclists get compensation. Our team has won cases for injuries ranging from minor cuts to head traumas.

Accidents often happen when vehicles don’t see or respect cyclists. These include turning into bikes, pulling out at junctions, car door incidents or general negligence. If you’ve faced any of these or a different bike accident, MRH can guide you through the claim process.

Being hurt on a bike can change your life. We understand this and will work to get you compensated fairly. We’ll look at your injuries, the impact on your life, and other costs when seeking your compensation.

The compensation you might get depends on many things, like how badly you were injured. We are committed to maximising your claim payout. We take care of the legal fees unless you win.

Choosing MRH as your law firm means you won’t have to worry about upfront costs. If your claim succeeds, well take a small fee out of your payout. If you don’t win, you won’t pay anything.

If you’ve been hurt in a cycling accident, you have rights. Contact us for a free chat and consultation with our expert lawyers. We’ll help you understand your options for a no win no fee claim.

What is a No Win No Fee Bike Accident Claim?

If you’re injured in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, paying for compensation claims might worry you. But, with a no win no fee deal, you can claim without risks. We have handled such cases successfully for many years.

Understanding No Win No Fee Agreements

Under a no win no fee agreement, you don’t pay legal fees if your case fails. This way, seeking deserved compensation is stress-free. If you win, your solicitor takes a small fee from your compensation, all agreed beforehand.

At MRH Solicitors our experts are skilled in various cycling injury cases. They deal with cuts, whiplash, fractures, and more. Our work isn’t influenced by insurance companies, focusing solely on client needs.

Advantages of No Win No Fee for Cycling Accident Claims

No win no fee agreements bring many benefits. They cut the financial risk of legal costs. This lets you concentrate on getting better after an accident. Plus, they ensure justice for everyone, no matter their financial situation.

Choosing MRH Solicitors means highly professional legal support. Our team is part of prestigious organisations, promising quality service for your bicycle injury compensation claim.

Common Causes of Bike Accidents in the UK

Cycling accidents in the UK are happening more often, especially in beautiful areas like the Yorkshire Dales, for example. In 2022, there were 11,546 accidents where cyclists got slightly hurt. 4,056 were more serious, and sadly, 91 resulted in deaths.

Knowing why these accidents happen is key. It helps us improve safety and prevent injuries to cyclists.

Road Traffic Collisions Involving Cyclists

One common type of accident is when a car hits a cyclist. It often happens as vehicles turn, come out of side roads, or change lanes.

These accidents can involve cars going too fast or driving dangerously. Sometimes, drivers simply don’t see the cyclists, even if they’re wearing bright clothes.

Potholes and Road Defects

Badly kept roads and lanes full of potholes are dangerous for cyclists. Hitting a pothole can make a cyclist lose balance, leading to a fall.

Local councils or highways agencies might be at fault for not fixing these problems. The poor state of UK roads is a big issue for cyclists and a common cause of accidents.

Car Door Collisions

“Car dooring” happens when a vehicle door is opened into a cyclist’s path. This is very dangerous.

Drivers or passengers should always check for cyclists before opening doors. Teaching people to use the “Dutch Reach” to open doors can prevent these accidents.

Time limits For Claiming

If you’re in a cycling accident, remember there is a deadline to make a claim. UK law gives you 3 years from the incident. The compensation you get will depend on how badly you were injured and how it affected your life.

Injuries Sustained in Cycling Accidents

A report from GOV.UK in September 2023 showed that in 2022, there were many cycling accidents in Great Britain. 11,546 cases led to slight injuries, 4,056 to serious injuries, and 91 to death. Most cyclists in these accidents suffer limb injuries, affecting 85% of them.

More severe injuries can also happen, impacting lives greatly. Head injuries and brain injuries stand out as serious outcomes. They can lead to long-term issues and need a lot of medical care. Protective gear like helmets helps but doesn’t eliminate the risk, especially in fast or vehicle-involved accidents.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries from cycling accidents are also very serious. They can lead to paralysis or loss of feeling. These severe effects change lives forever. The seriousness of these injuries depends on how fast the impact was and the angle of the collision.

Fractures and Soft Tissue Damage

Fractures and soft tissue damage are not uncommon in cycling accidents. Limb fractures and breaks are often seen, needing a lot of care to heal. Damage to ligaments and tendons is also painful, needing therapy to fully recover.

The seriousness of a cycling accident injury can vary. Things like how fast the crash was, the type of vehicle, and protective gear used, all matter. Getting medical help quickly and seeking legal advice can ensure proper compensation. This can help cover medical costs, lost earnings, and other damages for the injured.

Proving Liability in a Bike Accident Claim

To get compensation for a cycling accident, showing someone else caused it is of key importance. You need strong evidence for your case like witness accounts, police reports, and insurance details from everyone involved.

Getting evidence from the accident scene is vital. Take photos or videos if able, and note down any damages or injuries. Talk to people who witnessed the accident too. Their statements can back up your claim.

The police report is also important if they were at the scene. It includes accident details, involved parties, and any law violations. Get a copy of this report quickly.

It’s necessary to share insurance information with others in the accident, mainly if a vehicle was involved. Let your insurance company know too. They might help with your claim or provide more coverage.

To prove your injuries, medical records and notes are vital. Keep all records and receipts of your medical care after the accident.

Proving who’s at fault in a cycling accident claim can be tricky, especially with many parties or if the fault is unclear. Working with expert solicitors, like those at MRH Solicitors, can greatly help. We have the skills and tools to get strong evidence and talk to insurance firms on your behalf. This way, you’re more likely to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Calculating Compensation for a Cycling Accident

If you’re in a cycling accident that wasn’t your fault, you might get compensation for your injuries and lost money. The money you get depends on how bad your injuries are and how they affect your life. MRH Solicitors have a team to help make sure you get the right amount of compensation.

General Damages for Pain and Suffering

You can get general damages to help with the pain, suffering, and things you can’t do anymore because of the accident. How much might be awarded is based on how serious injuries are and how long it takes to get better. For instance, a minor brain injury could grant a claimant £1,675. But severe brain damage might lead to £307,000. There are also set amounts for injuries like:

  • Facial injuries: £1,300 for a simple nose fracture to £34,600 for severe multiple jaw fractures
  • Back injuries: £1,860 for an injury recovering in a few months to £122,350 for severe spinal cord damage
  • Neck injuries: £300 for minor neck injuries to £112,750 for severe neck injuries
  • Arm injuries: £5,000 for fractured forearms to £228,000 for loss of both arms
  • Hand injuries: £700 for minor hand injuries to £153,200 for loss of both hands or their use
  • Thumb injuries: £14,900 to £26,600 for very serious thumb injuries
  • Ankle injuries: £10,450 for complete recovery to £53,000 for very severe rare ankle injuries
  • Foot injuries: Up to £10,450 for common injuries to £19,000 for severe foot injuries

Special Damages for Financial Losses

Special damages help to pay for financial losses from the accident. They can cover things like:

  • Loss of earnings if you have had to take time off work due to your injuries
  • Medical expenses, such as the cost of medication, physiotherapy, or specialist treatment
  • Travel costs to and from medical appointments
  • Damage to your bicycle or personal possessions
  • The cost of any care or assistance you have required due to your injuries

How much you get in special damages depends on what happened to you and your monetary losses. MRH Solicitors will help you collect proof of your costs and make sure you claim all you’re owed.

The Claims Process for No Win No Fee Bike Accident Cases

Opting for a no win no fee claim brings expert guidance. This process at MRH Solicitors sees a solid success rate. We ensure the compensation you merit is our target.

Starting the no win no fee claim for a bike accident goes through a few stages. Initially, your solicitor will collect evidence. This includes medical posts, witnesses’ stories, and any police records connected. This proof is key in showing the seriousness of your injuries and the effect on your life.

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Claim

Your solicitor aims to get all the needed evidence. This might be photos showing the accident, bike damage, and your wounds. Provide any expense receipts from the accident to support your claim.

It’s also very important for you to visit a doctor for an independent check-up. This checks the full extent of your injuries and any longer recovery time. The medical report adds weight to your case, ensuring fair compensation for your injuries.

Negotiating with the Defendant’s Insurers

With all evidence in hand, your solicitor faces the insurers. They send a detailed claim. This letter states facts of the accident, the proof for your claim, and your compensation request.

Your solicitor will then bargain with the insurer on your behalf. Their aim is to reach a good settlement without going to court. Through skilled negotiation, a fair agreement can often be achieved.

If the insurer doesn’t agree to a fair settlement, your solicitor might have to go to court. They will support you throughout this process. They will fight in court for the compensation you deserve.

Time Limits for Making a Cycling Accident Claim

Thinking about a cycling accident claim means knowing the Limitation Act 1980 rules. In most cases, you must start legal proceedings within three years of the accident. But, your situation might have exceptions.

If a child has been in a cycling accident, there’s more time. Their claim can be made anytime before they’re 18. Or, they can claim themselves up to their 21st birthday. This extra time helps children and young adults get the compensation they need.

For those not able to claim because of their injuries, the rules are different too. If someone’s mental capacity is affected by the accident, there’s no set time limit for their claim. This rule stops them from losing their right to compensation because of delays.

After a cycling accident, getting legal advice quickly is very important. A good solicitor can help you understand your case’s time limits. They can make sure you take the right steps to protect your legal rights.

Don’t forget, you might still get compensation even if you think you’re partly to blame. Starting the claims process early increases your chance of getting the help you need. This help can support your recovery and help you move on.

How MRH Solicitors Can Help with Your No Win No Fee Bike Accident Claim

Choosing the right solicitor for your cycling accident is key, especially under a no win no fee agreement. MRH Solicitors offer vast experience and knowledge to support you. We ensure you get excellent representation from start to finish.

Our Expertise in Cycling Accident Claims

MRH Solicitors are experts in handling cycling accident claims with a proven success rate. Our team of personal injury solicitors knows how to deal with even the toughest cases. Thanks to our deep experience, we aim to secure the best results for you, whether through settlements or in court.

We have helped many cyclists get compensation, so we understand the specific needs of such cases. Knowing the laws, and the causes of cycling accidents, we build solid cases for our clients.

Commitment to Client Care and Support

Client care is MRH Solicitors’ top priority. We understand that a cycling accident can be very stressful. So, we provide support and guidance that goes beyond just legal help.

Once you choose us to represent you, expect regular updates and advice in simple language. Our caring team will guide you through every step, making sure you are well-informed and supported.

MRH Solicitors also help organise any medical care you need. We connect with health experts and charities to make sure you’re getting the best care. This support is there for you both during and after your claim.

With our focus on getting the best for your claim and offering outstanding client support, MRH Solicitors stand out for those like you who need no win no fee legal help.

No Win No Fee Bike Accident Claims: Real-Life Success Stories

MRH Solicitors are known for winning cycling accident cases on a no win no fee deal. We help many people get the money they need for injuries. Our expertise covers all types of injuries, from minor to severe.

In one success, a TSSA member was hurt by an HGV while cycling. After our team stepped in, they were awarded £62,500. Another case saw a woman injured by a car. She hurt her shoulder, neck, and back. Our dedicated solicitors won her case for her.

These stories show how hard we fight for cyclists’ rights. We have won large settlements, even in tough cases. With a high success rate, MRH Solicitors are your best choice for a top result in your claim.


Q: What is a no win no fee bike accident claim?

A: A no win no fee claim lets you seek compensation for cycling injuries. You won’t pay any fees upfront. If the claim fails, you don’t pay the solicitor. If you win, they’ll take a small part of your compensation as their fee.

Q: What are the most common causes of cycling accidents in the UK?

A: Road traffic collisions are a top cause. This includes vehicles turning into cyclists’ paths or hitting them when changing lanes. Faulty roads, like potholes, and car doors opening in front of cyclists also lead to accidents.

Q: What types of injuries are common in cycling accidents?

A: Head and brain injuries are unfortunately common, as are spinal cord injuries. About 85% of cyclists in crashes suffer arm or leg injuries. The impact speed and vehicle type can influence injury severity.

Q: How do I prove liability in a bike accident claim?

A: To prove liability, collect evidence like witness statements and photos. You’ll need police reports and driver insurance details too. A solicitor can help you show that someone else caused the accident.

Q: What kind of compensation can I claim for a cycling accident?

A: You can claim both general and special damages. General damages cover pain and suffering. Special damages help with financial losses, medical bills, lost earnings, and any property losses.

Q: Is there a time limit for making a cycling accident claim?

A: In most situations, you have three years to claim from the accident date. But, there are exceptions for children and those with diminished mental capacity.

Q: How can MRH Solicitors help with my no win no fee bike accident claim?

A: MRH Solicitors specialise in these claims with over 20 years of experience. We’ll guide you, collect evidence, and negotiate with insurers. Our goal is to get you the most compensation for your injuries and losses. MRH Solicitors are regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority).

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