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Questions to Ask Your Solicitor Following a Motorcycle Accident

There’s nothing quite like the freedom of riding a motorcycle, with the rush of the open air and the ability to filter through traffic, avoiding the backups that waylay other motorists.  Still, there are certainly challenges and risks involved.  For one thing, many motorists don’t keep an eye out for motorcycles and may not see them as well as other cars.

In addition, some drivers are not aware of the fact that filtering is largely legal in the UK nowadays, and they may switch lanes in slow-moving traffic without bothering to see if there are motorcycles cutting between lanes.  Even if you operate your motorcycle with care, the end result could be a traffic accident that leaves you coping with injuries and an inability to work, either temporarily or permanently.

In the wake of such accidents, you might expect to receive an insurance payout to help with medical costs in a timely manner, but insurance companies aren’t often in the habit of handing out money with ease.  Unfortunately, they have all the time in the world to drag out your claim with delays and denials until you agree to accept a pittance instead of what you’re actually due.

In other words, you need the help of a qualified and experienced solicitor to help you nail down the settlement that will cover your medical expenses and account for lost wages, among other costs related to the accident.  Motorcycle accidents can be extremely traumatic and cause ongoing problems that prevent you from working.  You are entitled to compensation when another motorist is at fault.

With the help of the right solicitor, you can get needed compensation for injuries and other losses related to a motorcycle accident.  The trick to finding a suitable motorbike accident solicitor is to know what questions to ask.

What Experience Do You Have?

This is the first thing you should ask any solicitor you’re thinking of instructing.  You’ll want a solicitor that not only has experience with traffic collisions and personal injury claims, but that has specifically worked on cases involving motorcycles.  You should look for a solid track record of wins in cases similar to yours.  Experience isn’t everything, but it counts for a lot when it comes to fighting insurance companies to ensure you get the compensation you’re due.

What are Your Fees?

Every solicitor has fees, and you need to understand up front how their pricing structure works.  You need to know how many hours are billed and what you can do to reduce expenses.  For example, providing needed paperwork, such as medical files, can save on the cost of man-hours associated with your solicitor’s office tracking them down.

You could be billed in a few different ways.  Some solicitors bill by the hour, some charge a flat rate, and some work on contingency.  Flat rate billing is rare, and in cases of motorcycle accidents, the most common fee type is contingency, whereby your solicitor accepts a percentage of your settlement as payment for services rendered.

In the event that you see no compensation, your solicitor receives no payment, which is why you’ll often have to agree to give up 25-30% or more of your settlement.  However, this tends to be the most desirable option since you won’t have to pay any up-front costs and you won’t end up owing any legal fees if you lose your case.

MRH Solicitors operate personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee* basis and will be happy to discuss with you the most suitable funding options for your claim.

What’s Your Strategy for My Case?

Every case is a little different.  While it’s important to find a solicitor that has a proven track record with cases similar to yours, you also need to know the plan of action for winning your specific case and getting the compensation you need. You need to know how your solicitor plans to reach a suitable settlement or win in court.

What Should I Expect, in Terms of Compensation?

You can’t really expect your solicitor to come up with an accurate number when it comes to compensation, as every case is different and hinges on factors like the severity of the accident, the expenses and suffering involved, and the recovery involved.  However, your solicitor should be able to review the facts of your case and provide a ballpark figure.  This number should include not only current medical bills and other costs, but also considerations for future medical expenses, lost wages, and perhaps even pain and suffering, depending on the case.

How Long is the Process and What Should I Expect?

It’s imperative that you understand how your case will proceed so that you can do everything in your power to ensure a successful outcome.  For one thing, you need to make sure that you don’t miss any deadlines.  There are statutes of limitations associated with filing cases and you’ll have to make sure you hit all of your filing deadlines throughout the process to avoid leaving money on the table.  An experienced solicitor will be well aware of these deadlines and help to ensure that you meet them.

You also need to know your obligations in terms of providing information, including a detailed description of the accident, witness information gathered at the scene, insurance information for all parties involved, medical reports and bills, and other evidence, just for example.  From there, you’ll want to know how long the process is likely to take, what you can expect along the way, and when you can hope to see some compensation.

* (Other Costs May Be Payable)

Questions to Ask Your Solicitor Following a Motorcycle Accident
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